• Consistent Material Costs:

Light gauge/ cold-formed steel framing is constantly available which means little fluctuation in price. In fact, cold-formed steel often cost less than lumber.

  • Consistence Quality:

 Light gauge/ cold formed steel enjoy uniform manufacturing tolerances. Cold-formed steel is always dimensionally correct and does not contain the knots, twists, or warps commonly found in wooden framing materials.

  • Faster production with higher precision


Drawing files can directly feed to fully integrated CNC machine, As it avoids all the possibilities of human error and provides the material with high dimensional accuracy also integrated CNC operation loads to higher production speed and capacity. Light weight nature and dimensional stability make construction easier. LGS components can be supplied to exact lengths and sizes, thus eliminating jobsite cutting and trimming, thus minimize wastage and scrap. Adaptation to our rapidly changing life styles can be more easily and economically provided in steel buildings.

All operations of manufacturing is centralised and operated from the computer. Three dimensional model from detailing package will be converted to NC ('Numerical Control Machine Instructions) files and machines will operated based on these nc files. All the possibility of error will be eliminated because of this. Since the manual operations are minimal, process of production is very fast. Due to this dimensional accuracy and lightness assembling become very fast.


  • Eco friendly structure as per the Green building concept. Our products enable acquiring green credit points, should the customer opt for LEED/GRIHA ratings on their buildings.

LGS technology is not only superior in terms of efficiency but is also environmentally sustainable. Steel is a durable and reusable material. Structure can be shifted from one location to other without wastage. All the LGS Materials are recyclable. A building’s skeleton made of light-gauge steel can be recycled from 7-8 old cars. On the other hand 50 trees need to be cut to build a similar house of wood.
Steel is inert and does not emit fumes, gases, vapour or support the growth of moulds & fungi (which can potentially caused some health problems).It produces substantially less waste as compared to traditional RCC construction. Since steel is 100% recyclable, as an added benefit, LGS construction also adds points towards LEED Green Building Certification.
The number of points the LGSF earns determines its level of LEED certification are

  • Sustainable sites & water efficiency credits:  Encourage strategies that minimize the impact on ecosystems and water resources.
  • Energy & atmosphere credits: Promote better building energy performance through innovative strategies.
  • Materials & resources credits: Encourage using sustainable building materials and reducing waste.
  • Indoor environmental quality credits: promote better indoor air quality and access to daylight and views.
  • Green infrastructure & buildings credits: reduce the environmental consequences of the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Superior and sustainable life cycle performance due to energy efficient structures.

Light steel framing uses galvanized cold formed steel sections as its main structural components. These sections have been widely used in the building industry and are part of proven technology. 

The performance of galvanized steel components within ‘warm frame’ (Refer Clause 4.3) applications is very good. This research shows that the predicted design life of the standard G275 coating, based on the measured loss of zinc from the strip steel, is over 200 years, provided that the building envelope is properly maintained.(As per SCI P301 & SCI P262).
In ‘cold frame’ construction, such as in insulated lofts, a design life of over 100 years is achieved. In all cases, the building envelope should be properly maintained. (As per table from SCI P262)

  • Extreme temperature performance , weather friendly with Indian Climatic conditions.

Maximum corrosion resistance is reached by utilizing hot-dip galvanized Steel sections that have values between 180 gr/m2- 275 gr/m2 and that are in accordance with the ASTM A653/A653M-08 norm.

Light Gauge Steel construction provides a truly non combustible frame that will not fuel a fire or generate a high source of heat. The Gypsum boards and its derivatives provide necessary fire protections for walls, such that one or two layers of fire resistant board will provides 1- 2 hours fire protection.  It is inorganic so will not rot, warp, split or crack.

  •   Earthquake Resistant


The lightweight structure provides utmost protection against earthquakes. Buildings constructed with LGS are lightweight and flexible than those constructed with other construction techniques. It provide the highest possible resistance against earthquakes, because during the earthquake load induced on the building is less due to light weights. Chances of progressive collapse are marginal due to the highly ductile and load carrying nature of closely spaced studs/joists.
Steel houses are 5 times lighter than the concrete buildings. This means that the earthquake force to be imposed on the building is 5 times smaller. As a result of the miraculous characteristics of steel, it is possible to construct durable and aesthetic buildings due to an earthquake of same intensity.