1. Field hostel & Security barrack for GMR, Chamba, (HP) (Three storey building, 16000 sft.)


2. Horse Stable & Member Lounge fof HRC, Hyderabad, (AP) (Three storey building, 18000 sft.)


3. Girls Hostel for OPJIT, Punjipathra, Raigarh (CG) (Extension of one floor above first floor, 15500 sft.)


4. Office Block for OPJCC, Punjipathra, Raigarh (CG) (Two storey building, 2500 sft.)


5. Residential block for staff, Parsada Raigarh (CG) (fourstorey building, 250000 sft.)



6. Engineer office at Raipur (CG) (Extension of one floor above second floor, 4500 sft)


7. Site Office for Brick Plant, Raigarh (CG) (onestorey building, 1500 sft. )


8. Guest House at Raipur (CG) (Extension of one floor above first floor, 4000 sft.)


9. Dormitory for workers, Raigarh (CG) (Four storey building, 33000 sft.)


10. JB Fabinfra Plant office at Punjipathra, Raigarh (CG) (One Storey Building, 1500 sft.)