Message from Managing Director

Under the Professional and Charismatic leadership of Mr. Naveen Jindal, Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), one of the India's major steel producer with an annual turnover of US Dollar 2.9billion consistently taps innovative ideas for the use of common public.

JB FabInfra established under the guidance of honorable chairman of JSPL Mr. Naveen Jindal, as an associate to address demand for housing in India which is literally touching sky.

 To cater the increasing demand, JB FabInfra proposes the LGSF housing solution - a Complete Solution right from Conceptualization-to completed building with a Special attention to optimization of technology to meet the specific demand of housing without compromising the quality. It has the flexibility to build better buildings with engineered high precision.
Technology effectively uses the superior benefits of steel durability, design flexibility, termite resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, dimensional stability and light-weight structure.

 LGSF is quite popular in Europe USA, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia due to its inherent advantages.
 JB FabInfra proceeds towards the perfection in building construction technology which is affordable to mass.


Akhilesh Bhuwalka