With a team of designers who are experienced and very well qualified, JB Fab Infra is a fully-integrated solution to provide the highest quality and most economical light gauge steel roof, wall, and floor solutions available. Designing and building integrated systems that support one another to obtain what is needed to operate more efficiently.
JB Fab Infra keeps up with the latest designs, engineering and fabricating procedures to ensure your structure is safe and economical. Every project goes through review and assessment of which system of development will be the most appropriate. Each component is manufactured by pre-engineered computer-aided / automated production.

    • Architectural Design
  • The architects provide highly efficient, innovative, interactive and sustainable design with latest trends and code practice, including all plans, sections, elevations, MEP drawing with all specifications.
  • JB Fab internal design team is capable of making any type of architectural drawings. Normally client provides the architectural drawings along with MEP details and specifications of finishes which includes.
  • Architectural drawings includes Floor plan, cross sections, Roof layout, Detail of specification area, Elevations, Doors & windows if any

    • Structural Design
  • Based on the architectural drawing, structural designs will be initiated by JB Fab design team. All computations for safe load and deflections shall be in accordance with conventional methods of structural design. JB Fab infra developed inhouse software to do the design based on British code. Staad pro also can be uses for analysis and design.


    • Detailing
  • Experienced and highly skilled detailing team models structure in 3D. Shop Drawing will generated on time with high precision.
  • Drawing files can directly feed to fully integrated CNC machine, As it avoids all the possibilities of human error and provides the material with high dimensional accuracy also integrated CNC operation loads to higher production speed and capacity.