About Us

JB FABINFRA is an emerging building solution company dedicated to bring "Lightweight Green Structures" to India. JB FABINFRA technology will provide much higher level of efficiencies in

  1. Carbon Footprint Reduction
  2. Speed of Construction
  3. Design Versatility
  4. Green Solution
  5. Water and Energy Conservation.


OUR Root

  1. Associates of 15 billion USD Jindal Group.
  2. A pioneer of Light Gauge Structures (LGS) technology in the country.
  3. Constructed India's first four storied (i.e. G+3 ) building with LGS.
  4. Manufacturing facility located at Raigarh (CG).
  5. Presently executing more than 50,000 sq.mtr LGS projects.
  6. State of the art manufacturing facilities for producing LGS.
  7. Planning and Engineering is facilitated with Integrated Design and Engineering Software.
  8. Automated Roll Forming lines producing 70mm to 300mm Cold formed steel sections.
  9. 22 to 12 Gauge thickness (0.7mm -2.0mm).
  10. Advanced procedure assurance for quality.